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This is a logo for ClearCraft Coaching and Consulting. It depicts a clear path forward.

ClearCraft Coaching
&  Consulting


I specialize in working with churches and other non-profit organizations to develop their strategy, people, and governance.

My approach to strategy development is iterative and inclusive, involving key people and evolving as circumstances change.

People are at the core of an organization's performance. Together, we will ensure that yours are supported, resourced, and engaged in the work of getting you from where you are now to where you want to go.

Many organizations come to me to help them revitalize their governance, by-laws and constitutions. Presenting issues may include:

  • The way the organization governs itself is impeding its growth, health, and ability to achieve its goals.

  • Organizational structures that once served well in the past need to be re-examined in light of current realities and future goals.

  • Decision-making has become ineffective, with unclear roles and procedures.

  • The governing documents are often outdated and seldom consulted.

Together, we can address these issues and put you on the path to a brilliant future.

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