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Joyful Weddings for All!  

Every couple deserves a joyful, personal marriage service.  


Your wedding is a celebration of where you have been, of the extraordinary day, and of your future together.  The marriage ceremony will reflect both of you—your backgrounds, your beliefs, your style, your love.

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Couples come to me because of my fifteen years' experience officiating at weddings of every size, for people of all backgrounds, ages, orientations, and faith traditions (including no faith background).  Your service will respect and celebrate the beliefs of both people making a commitment to one another.  Joyful weddings for all!

You are putting your hearts into every detail of your big day--don't forget that the wedding service is the real centerpiece of the event. So much attention to detail goes into creating a personal, meaningful and memorable service.

Your wedding day will be full of details and perhaps some stresses.  The ceremony shouldn’t be one of them.  We’ll work out all the plans in advance, so you can check the ceremony off your worry list.

Let's talk and see if I can be of help. Blessings!

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