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This logo for ClearCraft Coaching and Consulting, depicts a clear path forward.

ClearCraft Coaching
& Consulting

I help people discover and achieve exciting goals by asking good questions and tapping into their strength and experience.


My approach is:

  • Client-driven: Clients determine their overall goal and what to work on each session, as well as the duration of the coaching relationship and the frequency of sessions.

  • Future-oriented: Past experiences are examined in light of how they will affect tomorrow’s achievements.

  • Positive: Clients are the experts about their own lives, and they have the wisdom and experience to identify pathways to achieve their goals.

  • Curious: My role is to ask timely, powerful questions that unlock clients’ wisdom and experience.

  • Practical: Sessions end with the identification of a first, simplest next step, as well as timing, resources, and key learnings from the session.

This photograph depicts a clear path forward, one of the goals of coaching.


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