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This logo for ClearCraft Coaching and Consulting, depicts a clear path forward.

ClearCraft Coaching
& Consulting

"Shannon Rye Wall is a highly-educated critical thinker, who is compassionate, non-judgmental, understanding and sincere. She helped me clarify my desired results and next steps for achieving progress. Her coaching produced powerful results for me. Highly recommend!"  -- J.S.


"Shannon Wall is an extremely skilled coach. Her systematic, conversational approach combines intuitive techniques with established methods for developing dialogue that leads to personal discovery and insight. Together, she and her clients clarify goals and work to create paths to achieve them. I recommend her with the greatest enthusiasm." --L.S.

"Shannon is an excellent coach, dedicated to the fine art of supporting people, empowering them to understand that even if they do not know they are there, the answers to challenges facing us generally are to be found inside. Shannon is careful, insightful and incisive. She draws on a vast and wide spectrum of experience that helps her to know what to listen for and how to craft the next question or comment. I am further impressed with her dedication to ongoing education and training in service to her clients and in serving the profession of credentialed Coaching."  -- C.B. 

This photograph depicts a clear path forward, one of the goals of coaching.

Coaching Recommendations

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