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"Shannon has an excellent education, insights and skills gained

in a fruitful business career before her call to ministry began. This

translates into excellent budget management, stewardship campaigns,

and management of capital projects." 

Rev. Wall re-started our 'Raise the Roof' efforts that had begun quite

a few years earlier in response to a near-catastrophic roof beam failure. She re-energized a struggling capital campaign and added over $200,000 in new fund-raising and grants. She helped us draft a construction RFP that resulted in multiple bids, all within our new budget of $600,000. The beam and roof were repaired within a year." -- David E.


"Rev. Wall's leadership and industry were critical to Southbury's creating and framing an award-winning film, 'Home of the Brave,' which documents how the town uniquely stood up to the Nazis in 1937. She made contact with and befriended the family of the church pastor at that time. As a result, the film took shape, and ultimately Rev. Lindsay's papers and the typewriter on which he wrote his great sermon were donated to the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C., where they are featured prominently in the exhibit about America and the Holocaust.

She was also invaluable in developing other events, including town-wide conversations sponsored by clergy on diversity, the environment, and poverty."

-- Eric P.


"Her love for history is inspiring, and she helped research and create a memorable 250th anniversary for our congregation. She engaged the whole congregation in honoring our past and looking to the future." -- Jennifer N.

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