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Worship Recommendations

"Shannon is a truly inspirational minister who can speak to a diverse group of persons

and draw them into areas of inspiration, reverence, awe, hope and comfort. Her sermons are well-crafted and leave many in the congregation feeling that the message 

was written "just for them." She draws on a wide variety of sources for her sermons, including her broad knowledge of the Bible, church history, and personal insights. The services that Rev. Wall puts together invariably leave attendees feeling that this last hour was the right place to be!"  --  Dennis J.

"The Rev. Shannon Wall is an outstanding pastor and communal leader. Extremely intelligent, articulate, hardworking and empathetic, she has quickly established herself as a leading member of our community's clergy. Her sermons are well-crafted and well-received." -- Eric P.

"Shannon's knowledge of the Bible and ability to convey its message in 'everyday' terms is excellent and engaging. Her love of God and the Good News is inspiring, and her memory and recall of names, history, and stories will serve her well wherever she goes." -- Jennifer N.

"In her first year with us as an interim minister, Shannon grew our congregation in both size and faith -- we added many new members with an associated increase in Sunday attendance. She has excellent preaching and worship leadership skills. She presented The Gospel of Mark completely from memory. I've taught Sunday School for twenty-five years and consider myself knowledgeable about the New Testament, but hearing Jesus' entire ministry chronologically as depicted in the book of Mark changed my entire understanding." -- Dave E.

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